TANGRAM CO., Ltd. / 09. 12. 2022

Upgrading your existing CNC machining field!

Square ONE CNC Diagnostic Monitoring System assist you in upgrading your existing CNC machining field into an intelligent solution for Industry 4.0🙌

✨One-to-One frame edge box → Price is overwhelmingly better than the market edge box
✨Visualized website technology → No software installation, PC and cell phone can be connected at any time
✨Integrate CNC controller and sensor data at the same time → Multiple layers of complex data are clearly visible at a glance
✨Intelligent correction function → Replace the manual time check and intelligent adjustment
✨Machine record black box function → Abnormal machine failure record cannot be deleted
✨Program management and cutter management → Provide a variety of value-added basic management packages

Let's start playing Square ONE! 
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