YIDA PRECISION / 12. 30. 2022

2023 TIMTOS Show Preview

We've been asked frequently by our loyal customers and agents what we'll be showing at next year's TIMTOS.
That's why we decided to present a series of show previews and share some of the highlights with you. ​ ​
But of course, some surprises remain unrevealed till you visit us at the show!.

Does unexpected downtime bother you? Do you want to know when to schedule maintenance or change the tools or key parts?

Yida's Smart Machine Status Monitoring System keeps you updated!

With a single tap, you'll gather the information you need, from the status of the key parts, spindle load to tool wear and tool life.

How does the system help you maintain the highest machining quality and increase the maximum utilization of the tool? Visit Booth I0428!

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