Messe Stuttgart, German

Hall 1, Z221

Hall 3, A60

Hall 3, A91

Hall 3, E10

Hall 3, E31

Hall 4, A72

Hall 4, B75


Hall 4, D51

Hall 5, A61

Hall 6, B11

Hall 6, B12

Hall 6, C81

Hall 7, A81

Hall 8, C20


Hall 9, A11

Hall 10, B41

Hall 10, C42

Hall 10, C62

Hall 10, C62

Hall 10, C62

Hall 10, C92

Entrance East, 515

Suppliers & Products
Hall 1, booth Z233
Hall 3, booth A60
UFO T-slot Cutter, UFO Thread Milling Cutter, Indexable Milling Cutter, Saw blades, T-Slot Milling Cutter, Disc Milling Cutter, Face Milling Cutter, Dovetail Milling Cutter, Chamfer Milling Cutter, Inserts, Indexable Tap, Spot Drill, Center Drill, Counter Bore
Hall 3, booth A91
CNC Rotary Table, Horizontal CNC Rotary Table, CNC tilting Rotary Table, Auto Pallet Changer System, Hydraulic Index Table
Hall 3, booth E10
Cutting Tools, Tools Holder, Tool Measuring and Presetting Machine, Tool Management Solution, Hydraulic Clamping System, Tool Balancing Machine, CNC Tool Holder, Shrink Fit Machine, Zero Clamping System
Hall 3, booth E10
Cutting Tools, Boring Tools, CNC / MC Spot Drill, I Center Power Drill, Engraving Tool
Hall 4, booth A72
High Speed Precision Lathes, Powerful Flat Bed CNC Lathes, Slant Bed CNC Lathes, CNC Lathes, Lathes
Hall 6, booth B12
CNC Lathe, Machining Center, Plastics Injecting Molding Machine, Casting Parts, Sheet Metals
Hall 6, booth C81
Swiss Type CNC Lathe
Hall 7, booth A81
Drilling Machines、Milling and Boring Machines、Grinding Machines、Machining Centers、Spindles、Manufacturing and Storage Systems
Hall 10, booth B41
CNC Lathes, CNC Turning and Milling Center, CNC Drilling and Tapping Machines, CNC Boring Machines, Machining Centers (Vertical Spindles), Machining Centers(Horizontal Spindles), Machining Centers(Bridge Type), Machining Centers (Horizontal, Five-Axis), Machining Centers (Vertical, Five-Axis), High Frequency Machines, Grinding & Finishing Machines, Grinding Machine
Hall 10, booth C62
Machining Centers, Milling Machines
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