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How to make your machine tool stand out in the Industry 4.0 Mode?🤔
Then, you need a Cooler to help you control the temperature.
But, how should we choose?
In these decades, we have continued to develop and innovate.
From the beginning only "Control with ON-OFF" - maintains the temperature at ±1K
To the "PID control" and the latest "Frequency Conversion Control" - it can control the temperature range to ±0.01K
Now that keeping the range between ±0.01K is the same, isn't it superfluous?
No~ No~🙅‍♀️
First, we can imagine the cooler as a person.
Then, how to keep the blood (water or oil in the machine) flowing in the body?
The answer is that you need a strong heart.
And our Compressor is that strong heart. 💓
The previous generations used the constant frequency compressors, but our third generation use inverter frequency compressors.
Why DC Inverter Cooler?
1⃣ First, we can improve the accuracy of our temperature control from ±1K to ±0.01K.
2⃣ Second, our compressor is updated from constant frequency to inverter frequency.
3⃣ Third, from the beginning our loading rate has been maintained at high rate of consumption.
Now, our rate of consumption is provided based on the current desired loading rate.
Habor's Inverter Cooler makes your machine tool more perfect. 🫶
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