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MING YANG / 08. 22. 2022
How many pieces can be done once in the machine?🤔🤔🤔
For machine users, it's a big issue when considering machine purchasing. In the first beginning, the cost of a multitasking machine is much higher than a CNC lathe or auto cam lathe.
If the standard of workpiece accuracy is high, the multitasking machine may not be the best answer. However, the multi-tasking machine will be the one if the requirement of product quantity and accuracy are both high.
Even if, the cost of a multi-tasking machine is the highest of these three types of machines. The double system can save half cycle time because of the double system simultaneously machining.
Nevertheless, it's not enough for Mylas.
We wish we can help our partner not only with machines but also with production processes. Our engineer team would support our customers to optimize the original machining process as possible as they can.
Why don't you try it now?
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TMBA / 04. 20. 2022

According to the data provided by Taiwan Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, analyzed by Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA), the cumulative import value of Taiwan machine tool in 2021 was US$971 million, representing a 42.6% increase from 2020. Among them, the import value of metal cutting machine tool was US$862 million in 2021, an increase of 47.3% compared to 2020. The import value of metal forming machine tool was nearly US$110 million, 
an increase of 14.1% compared to 2020. If compared to the previous month, the import value of machine tool in December 2021 declined 19% compared to November 2021, with the imports of metal cutting machine tool declined by 18.2% and the imports of metal forming machine tool decreased by 26%.

Analyzed by the machine type, the first place in the import of metal cutting machine tool is electric, laser and ultrasonic tools, with an import value of nearly US$425 million, accounting for 43.8% of the total import value, and a significant increase of 51% compared with 2020. The second largest import is lathe, with US$148 million, accounting for 15.2% of total imports, and 78.2% growth compared to 2020. The main importing countries are Japan, China (including Hong Kong) and Thailand, please refer to Table 11 for detailed statistics.


Major Import Markets for Machine Tools
Analyzed by the importing country (region), the top ten countries (regions) for Taiwan's machine tool imports in 2021 are: Japan, China (including Hong Kong), Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Korea, Italy, the United States, and Israel, in order. Taiwan's imports of machine tool from Japan accounted for 52% of the total imports, amounting to US$505 million, up 54.7% compared to 2020. Japan and China (including Hong Kong) mainly imported electric discharge, laser, and ultrasonic tools, while Germany mainly imported planing, inserting, drawing, sawing, and gear cutting tools. For detailed statistics, please refer to Table 12.

In the face of the normalization of the pandemic, due to several issues, such as material shortage, manpower shortage, port congestion, and soaring sea freight, , which used to be cost and efficiency oriented, the global supply chain structure has changed to a safe and stable regional supply chain, and the industry's long chain has become a short chain in response to the rapidly recovering market demand. This wave of supply chain shift and restructuring is driving the global economy and trade, and driving a new wave of demand for machine tools. Mizuho Bank of Japan predicts that the global machine tool market will grow by 17.5% in 2021 compared to 2020, and that capital outflows from industries in North America and Europe will continue to grow, resulting in a steady recovery of machine tool orders in the global market.

Cumulative exports reached US$2.783 billion in 2021, up 29.1% from 2020.

According to the data provided by Taiwan Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, analyzed by Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA), Taiwan machine tool exports reached total US$2.783 billion in 2021, a 29.1% increase from 2020. Among them, metal cutting machine tool exports grew 29.2% to US$2.304 billion, while metal forming machine tool exports grew 29% to US$0.479 billion. The machine tool export value in December 2021 declined by 7.8% compared with November 2021, with metal cutting machine tool exports declining by 11.5% and metal forming machine tool exports growing by 11.2%.

In 2021, the major export type of metal cutting machine tool was Machining Centers, with an export value of US$941 million, up 34% from 2020; Lathes ranked second, with an export value of US$590 million, up 32.4% from 2020. As to the exports of metal forming machine tool, Forging and stamping machines was about US$378 million, an increase of 28.6% compared to 2020, please refer to Table 1 for detailed statistics.


Major Export Markets for Machine Tool
Analyzed by export countries (regions), the top ten countries (regions) for Taiwan's machine tool exports in 2021 are: China (including Hong Kong), USA, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, the Netherlands, Italy, and Malaysia. Among them, Taiwan's exports to China (including Hong Kong) amounted to nearly US$911 million, an increase of 20.4% over 2020, accounting for 32.7% of the total exports; the U.S. market ranked second, with exports of nearly US$323 million, an increase of 18.3% over 2020, accounting for 11.6% of the total exports; Turkey ranked third, with exports of 241 million. Turkey ranked third, with exports of US$241 million, a significant increase of 46.2% compared to 2020, accounting for 8.7% of the total exports. For detailed statistics, please refer to Figures 1 to 2 and Table 2.



YIDA PRECISION / 01. 09. 2023

We've reduced carbon footprints in production, and set carbon neutrality as our ultimate goal!

-The Thermal Compensation System reduces thermal displacement and increases spindle precision by 70%. Skipping 30 to 60 minutes warm-up time allows you to reduce up to 548 kilograms of carbon emissions per yer!

-The Smart Lubrication System helps to reduce lubrication consumption, of which the oil volume is saved up to 35%, and the carbon emissions per unit can be reduced more than 48.3 tons per year!

- With modular designed base, the amount of wood molds is reduced by 85%. Also, lightweight Y-axis column achieves the benefit of saving about 10% of transmission energy.

YIDA PRECISION / 12. 30. 2022
We've been asked frequently by our loyal customers and agents what we'll be showing at next year's TIMTOS.
That's why we decided to present a series of show previews and share some of the highlights with you. ​ ​
But of course, some surprises remain unrevealed till you visit us at the show!.

Does unexpected downtime bother you? Do you want to know when to schedule maintenance or change the tools or key parts?

Yida's Smart Machine Status Monitoring System keeps you updated!

With a single tap, you'll gather the information you need, from the status of the key parts, spindle load to tool wear and tool life.

How does the system help you maintain the highest machining quality and increase the maximum utilization of the tool? Visit Booth I0428!

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High Efficiency Traveling Column Precision Profile Grinder_FMG-B1224AWC Automatic diamond roller change module Automatic wheel change module
The YCM UV650 5-axis vertical machining center provides excellent cutting performance and high accuracy for simultaneous 5-axis application with just one setup. Designed to reduce part handling, setup and overall lead-time, while improving part quality, precision and surface finish of complex shapes and contours required for multiple industries such as job shop, medical, aerospace, and die & mold. For more information on YCM's products and solutions, please visit: Website: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram:
The wind turbines have grown in size in both height and blade lengths and generate more energy. The casting workpiece processing is a challenge for the maker to handle the production. Honor PL-600CM Intelligent Vertical Turning Center is the high-rigid vertical lathe based on the gantry-type with a Y-axis mechanism, and collects multi-functions that can cover the processing requirements by the vertical lathe, the gantry-type machine, and even the horizontal machining center at the same time to achieve done in 1 requirement. ● Champion of Taiwan - 6-meter table turning center - Extremely outstanding wind power solution - Digital-twin technology applied More efficient, better quality, this is HONOR SEIKI delivers our solutions.
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Tongtai has completed hardware , software and service to support our customers to plan from single machine to the production lines , also integrate cross-brands devices. In the other hand, we will use digital-twin to assist the production line planning to decrease the risk of design change. It could also simulate the machining before real processing to optimize the production efficiency.
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