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YUNG I Machine Enterprise Co., Ltd.

YUNG I Machine is located in Dali District, Taichung City, Taiwan and was established in 1962. Our company is divided into three departments:

1. Heavy Machinery Department:

This department focuses on the development and production of spare parts for heavy machinery excavators. Main products include “Bucket Pins” and steel sleeve “Bushings,” as well as “Bucket Links” and “Track Adjuster Assemblies.”

Through years of hard work, we have established a good reputation for quality in the construction machinery industry and have become the Number One Brand in Taiwan's construction machinery maintenance market.

2. Seal Department:

YUNG I produces a range of machine seals including Japanese NOK, KYB and Taiwan-made hydraulic oil seals, packing seals, buffer seals, dustproof seals, wear rings, floating seals, and hydraulic cylinder repair kits for excavators.

3. Mechanical Hardware Department:

Founded in 2004, our hardware department is an agent for Taiwanese brands, producing and selling Taiwan-made cutting hardware and machine tool accessories. Products include:

  • SU’S Drills, End Mills, Taps: General agent in Indonesia.
  • Auto Strong: Three Jaw Chucks, Power Chucks, Pneumatic Power Chucks
  • ECHAIN: Turning Tool Holders, Rapid Drills, Milling Cutters
  • CHIN CHAO: Precision Vises, Air/Hydraulic Vises

We are committed to the production of milling collets, chuck holders, and collets to solve all customer problems, and produce cutting tools that create value for customers.

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