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Hongju Precision Machinery Co., LTD.

The spindle is important to every machine tool just as the heart to every person. We are a professional precision spindle manufacturer - ROYLI. Our name, ROYLI reflects the meaning of Taiwanese pronunciation of “Thank you”. We want to say “Thank you” to the spindle for making our work easier, and “Thank you” to our customers who support us with all their hearts.

ROYLI is your first-choice for spindles

ROYLI has complete market application and service experiences for over 20 years.

Efficient scale of production, full control of self-produced capacity, complete after-sales network, rich problem-solving experiences, and provide high-quality products and services for our worldwide customers.

Our R&D team has over 10 years of experiences in designing high-speed spindles.

Specialized in mechatronics and intelligent spindles, we have the advantages of being able to offer the finest electronic spindles.

Most importantly, ROYLI focuses on each key process to provide the best products and prices for all customers. We have invested extensively in heat treatment technology, which is an essential process to ensure precision quality.

Now, we are continuous designing and focusing on shaft cooling system, vibration reducing during high speed, and intelligent spindle system; moreover, the user can easily know the spindle operation status, reach stable machining, and high efficiency production.

We provide complete and optimized solutions for spindles. Let ROYLI become your best partner.


Having been a special-purpose machine developer since 1977, we have been keenly aware of the importance of motor spindles, and started developing a series of motor-built-in spindles in 1998. Prioritizing "Quality First" enables us to be a reliable supplier to help enhance machinery operations.

With an appreciation for quality, imparted by European experts in spindle engineering, Spindlex utilizes state of the art equipment to manufacture high speed and high precision spindles with extreme reliability.

After checking the performance of Spindlex motor spindles in running processes, and seeing the quality of the machined parts, you will confirm the added value present in Spindlex spindles.

Spindlex services all types of motor spindles across all manufacturers world-wide. Trust your repair to one of the most experienced manufacturers, Spindlex. Send your spindles to us and we will return the repaired spindles in a short period at reasonable costs.


Kenturn provides all types of high-precision spindles.
Not only can the customers find a suitable spindle for their processing needs from our product
selection. Kenturn also provide customized spindles according to users' requirements. Our CNC
machining center spindles have high rotating speed, low vibration advantage, improving the
processing efficiency.
The MVB1430A uses the dual-contact tooling system. The CTS function can increase cooling

efficiency and decreases thermal deformation. Along with the oil-air lubricating bearings for long-
term cutting operations. The motor power of the spindle is up to 18.5KW, while speed reaches 30000

RPM with Fanuc motor. Different motor brand is also available. It also has a built-in temperature
sensor and performed hole for accelerometer, which can be combined with the software to monitor
the status of the spindle.

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