CHENBRO MICOM / 08. 24. 2022

industry-academia cooperation program

After 6 weeks of the industry-academia cooperation program, today we with #Syntec#NCCU#NYUST and #NFU got together again to see all the students showcase their results from the program. 🏫🏭🧑‍💻🧑‍🏫

Congratulations to all the students who attended this program. Big things often start small.💎💎 Everyone who participated in this program has gained a lot of knowledge related to intelligent machinery and has had hand-on experience operating equipment in Chenbro’s factory. 🔧⚒🔨 The students spent half of their summer vacation gaining skills and inspiring their creativity. We believe that the students put in a lot of effort during the program and studied hard. We are convinced, that all this effort will be worth it for their futures. 👍🤝💥

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