Taiwan's leading manufacturer of spray washing machine - YAW SHENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. In order to meet the rising global environmental awareness and expanding market demand, YAW SHENG has expanded its two new modern plants, an Environmental Technology plant and a Sand Core Technology plant, and has entered the trial operation stage. It is expected that Q3 will be fully operational. Including: mechanical assembly, metal parts processing, shell mold core manufacturing, metal forging and casting workpiece sandblasting, burr grinding, polishing, primer coating and other post-process processing. The successful one-stop vertical integration, YAW SHENG has been established for nearly 45 years. At this time, it demonstrates the maximization of industrial advantages, and also lays a strong cornerstone for the global layout and second-generation succession.
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Shot blasting equipment、Parts, accessories and consumables、Abrasive blasting materials,steel ball,and steel grits
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