HARDY spindle model FMDC155W built-in drilling and tapping head with automatic tool changer received the Taiwan Excellence Award 2022. The spindle configuration is optimized to match the design with the built-in motor, and the pulleys and belt drive are no longer required. After reducing the space of the motor box, space interference is improved, and the weight and volume are reduced as well. The improvement of the spindle to the direct mounting type not only improve the precision of the spindle nose, but also shorten the processing time and reduce the production cost of the equipment. The flange mount structure can be applied to the special machine for trunnion rotary machines. The flange spindle head supports both vertical and horizontal configuration, which subverts the space waste caused by the traditional spindle head with horizontal configuration. The design of the FMDM155 flange type built-in spindle increases the flexibility of the workstation configuration, also reduces the setup space occupied by the spindle head. Machining performance is better than ordinary spindles, while each spindle is up to 35% lighter than the ordinary style. In the past, when customers purchased a spindle head, the first choice to consider is whether there will be interference problems and machine space issues. FMDC155W built-in drilling and tapping spindle is the one of best choices for customers.
06. 01. 2022
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