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We offer the best for your needs - a high-accuracy temperature control system
Intelligent control innovative equipment, towards #Intelligence Industry 4.0

Friendly to Earth, we are also always keep in our mind #ESG Corporate Sustainability
Let's start protect the earth! 🌏
The best temperature, the high care, HABOR gives you the best promise.
HIG is our three major business concept.

🔸 High accuracy control
Innovative technology for temperature control
High accuracy temperature control ±0.01K 

🔸 Intelligent Control
Smart remote installation and operation
Monitoring System for Energy and Condition

🔸 Environmental protection and energy saving
Low refrigerant consumption for Environmental Protection
High efficiency Motors for Energy-saving

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Carbon emissions cause the greenhouse effect in polar regions. 
Severe damage has affected polar bears' habitat, putting them under the threat of extinction.
Global warming has made the earth feverish!🔥
How to improve carbon emissions become the most authentic feedback from enterprises to nature.

Habor launches the new HIG DC Inverter Cooler, responding the latest new concept for environmental protection.
We are good at not only intelligent mode and high-accuracy control, but also second to none in "Environmental Protection and Energy Saving".

Let us tell you why:
1. The low refrigerant effectively reduces the GWP value and reduces the refrigerant usage rate by more than 30%.
2. Use high-efficiency (above IE3) motors to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

DC Inverter Cooler provides the best temperature for the machine tool, keeping up with the trend of environmental protection and energy saving of the times!
Take the step sustainable development with Habor!💪
Let's protect polar bears!
Haber's latest 🌟  DC variable frequency high precision intelligent energy-saving industrial cooler
The first intelligent remote setting, status monitoring, energy management, predictive maintenance and data analysis,
Talk to your machine tool to understand its needs;
Provide the best energy monitoring to achieve energy saving, sustainable environmental protection. 🌏

From the intelligent monitoring of Haber coolers, to the high-precision constant temperature of your machine tools, and to bring environmental protection and energy saving to customers! 🤝

For details, please click the link 👉 https://www.habor.com/

How to make your machine tool stand out in the Industry 4.0 Mode?🤔
Then, you need a Cooler to help you control the temperature.
But, how should we choose?
In these decades, we have continued to develop and innovate.
From the beginning only "Control with ON-OFF" - maintains the temperature at ±1K
To the "PID control" and the latest "Frequency Conversion Control" - it can control the temperature range to ±0.01K
Now that keeping the range between ±0.01K is the same, isn't it superfluous?
No~ No~🙅‍♀️
First, we can imagine the cooler as a person.
Then, how to keep the blood (water or oil in the machine) flowing in the body?
The answer is that you need a strong heart.
And our Compressor is that strong heart. 💓
The previous generations used the constant frequency compressors, but our third generation use inverter frequency compressors.
Why DC Inverter Cooler?
1⃣ First, we can improve the accuracy of our temperature control from ±1K to ±0.01K.
2⃣ Second, our compressor is updated from constant frequency to inverter frequency.
3⃣ Third, from the beginning our loading rate has been maintained at high rate of consumption.
Now, our rate of consumption is provided based on the current desired loading rate.
Habor's Inverter Cooler makes your machine tool more perfect. 🫶
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