HABOR / 09. 15. 2022

Are you constantly worried about the damage? Let HABOR help you!✨

We offer the best for your needs - a high-accuracy temperature control system
Intelligent control innovative equipment, towards #Intelligence Industry 4.0

Friendly to Earth, we are also always keep in our mind #ESG Corporate Sustainability
Let's start protect the earth! 🌏
The best temperature, the high care, HABOR gives you the best promise.
HIG is our three major business concept.

🔸 High accuracy control
Innovative technology for temperature control
High accuracy temperature control ±0.01K 

🔸 Intelligent Control
Smart remote installation and operation
Monitoring System for Energy and Condition

🔸 Environmental protection and energy saving
Low refrigerant consumption for Environmental Protection
High efficiency Motors for Energy-saving

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