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KINWA Brand, Worldwide Reputation of Quality
KINWA LATHE was established in Taichung City in 1973, manufacturing precision high-speed lathes as its foundation, in 1980, we moved the factory to Da-Ya District and reorganized as CHIN HUNG MACHINERY CO., LTD. Since 1990, we have been developing and manufacturing CNC lathes, greatly expanding our market presence. The KINWA brand has gained a well-known, worldwide reputation for high quality lathes.

KINWA’s broad range of excellent quality, high-speed precision lathes are found as standard equipment throughout many Taiwan and overseas manufacturing industries. With the development of CNC lathes, KINWA’s popular, high-tech, Gang-Type and Flat-bed CNC lathes have become essential the manufacturing industry. Over the years, KINWA LATHE has made huge progress in designing and providing customized precision high-speed and CNC lathes.

As the demand for automation growing, KINWA LATHE’s abundant experiences in precision lathe manufacturing enable us to help customers of hand tool manufacturing to plan linear robot automation of lathes and also to cooperate with customers who manufacture home appliance parts to use vibrator bowl to achieve the purpose of automation. Furthermore, we work with a world-famous shock absorber corporation to plan automated load/unload robots to accomplish the purpose of automation to increase productivity and yield rate throughout the entire plant.

With the post-pandemic price of raw materials continually raising, KINWA LATHE still insists on using components made in Taiwan by local manufacturers. We are keeping our commitment to providing only the best quality products and service for our worldwide customers.

How long is the cycle time of this workpiece?🤔🤔🤔 Each customer will be consulted with our team about inquired drawing. Regarding the machining process, turning, milling, drilling, and threading are available on our multi-tasking machine. With a Dual channel, the machine supports a maximum of 38 positions for various processing. To minimize the cycle time of each workpiece, we offer a total solution via full project including loading and unloading design, tool plan, machine programs, and professional training plan. 💪💪💪 Without any idea about the machining of new drawings? Your answer is here: sales@mym.com.tw💪💪💪
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