Our founder, Mr. C. F. Chang, established the factory in Taichung City and serviced the metal working industry by one lathe in 1968. Since 1973, we began made the lathe and named as " CHIN HO Machinery Factory ". In 1980, we moved the factory to Ta - Ya, Taichung country and reorganized as CHIN HUNG MACHINERY CO.,LTD. In order to expand the product, we built the new factory for CNC lathe in 1996 and installed next year. We buy the new land located the Taichung Precision Machinery Technological Park and began to build the new modern factory since the end of year 2010 in order to expand the product line to meet the requirement from the customer.
Main Product
Lathe, High Speed Lathe, Heavy Duty Lahte, CNC Lathe, Flat bed Lathe, Turning machine
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