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What is the Lathe?

What is the Lathe? The Concept of Turning Process

The lathe, also known as a turning machine, is a type of machine used for performing turning operations.

Turning process refers to the method of cutting and shaping an object's surface by rotating the object itself and using cutting tools, resulting in a smooth and symmetrical shape.

This process is somewhat similar to the hand-throwing process in pottery making. Just like when crafting pottery, the clay keeps rotating, and the artisan shapes the clay into a symmetrical form by hand. Additionally, any rough or uneven parts can be smoothed out using bamboo strips to create a polished appearance.

In the turning process, the object being worked on is referred to as the "workpiece," while the tools used for cutting are called "tools" or "cutting tools."

To secure the rotating workpiece, a "fixture" or "clamping device" is utilized, and the axis that enables the rotation of the workpiece is known as the "spindle."

Lathes can be classified into two types: vertical lathes and horizontal lathes. The "vertical lathe" has its spindle oriented vertically, while the "horizontal lathe" has its spindle parallel to the ground.

Both vertical and horizontal lathes have their respective applications, used for different types of turning operations.

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