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HIWIN is the global leader for motion control and system technology. HIWIN’s headquarters is located in Taichung, Taiwan. HIWIN is the No.2 global manufacturer for ballscrews and linear guideways. HIWIN offers precision module products- Datorker Robot Gear Reducers, Torque Motor Rotary Tables, industrial robots and medical robots. HIWIN has 14 subsidiaries and more than 200 distributors globally, serving our customers in the 5G, semiconductor, medical, machine tool, automation, Electrical vehicles, and precision equipment industries. Through assisting our customers with various automation processes, HIWIN understood that it was painful for a factory to have unexpected shutdowns. To avoid unexpected shutdowns, a manufacturer needs to maintain many spare parts in the warehouse, requiring a lot of labor and time for maintenance and inspection. These were painful points that manufacturers really wanted to resolve. Therefore, we studied customer’s concerns and demands regarding machine characteristics, user operation methods, industrial know how, environment requirements, user’s experience, and specific material selection. HIWIN is the first in the world to introduce the intelligent ballscrew: i4.0 BS. The ballscrew is the key critical component of a machining tool, and the i4.0 BS is targeted for high-end machine tool applications. It helps machine tool customers and end users obtain predictive diagnoses and maintain high productivity through intelligent manufacturing. By installing HIWN i4.0 BS, customer’s machines can self-monitor their status and send important data to engineers or managers for efficient diagnosis and scheduling of maintenance, thus improving manufacturing quality and productivity. HIWIN i4.0BS is the first intelligent ballscrew in the world with a sensor for predictive maintenance. The Hiwin intelligent ballscrew has 5 major functions which solve customer’s problems. 1. Life prediction.Detects ballscrew’s physical condition, preventing unexpected shutdown. 2. Smart lubrication.Detects ballscrew’s operating condition to optimize lubrication frequency and quantity, reducing oil consumption by 40% to 70%. 3. Vibration diagnosis.Allows traceability of the machine’s dynamic performance. 4. Thermal diagnosis.Detects thermal stability of the machine. 5. Remote monitoring.HIWIN intelligent ballscrews send information to the cloud. Users can access information and monitor machine status from a remote location through their mobile devices. By monitoring the ballscrews’ operating condition, customers can plan predictive maintenance scheduling, maintain high productivity, and achieve intelligent and smart manufacturing. HIWIN i4.0 BS is the best partner for industry 4.0.
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