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About Maintech Precision
Maintech Precision focuses exclusively on the manufacturing of high-end CNC machine tool milling heads. Recognizing the rise of industrial 4.0 and artificial intelligence, we committed to automation and artificial intelligence research and focused on developing complex spindle heads for high-end CNC machines.

We provide our customers with expertise in multi-axis machining applications, and have a complete range of milling heads for five-axis processing machines. We are committed to cooperating with our clients to design and manufacture customized products with high added value, and to providing faster, more economical after-sales service, at a price in line with customer expectations.

We currently supply milling heads used in 5-axis CNC machines used for aerospace and aviation applications, precision molding, or for wind turbine blades. We offer an alternative to the 2-axis spindle heads currently imported mostly from Europe, by providing suitable products and services designed for the Asia market, eliminating the long repair cycle and high maintenance cost of other manufacturers.

Maintech Products

  • Mechanical spindles
  • Automatic milling heads
  • Electric spindles +DD Motor
  • Five-axis milling heads

Maintech Product Features

  • Maintech plans and designs the interface between the machine tool and the milling head, making installation easy and simple.
  • Our mechanical spindle speeds of up to 6000rpm are among the highest in the industry.
  • Sensor detection inside the milling heads, which meet the needs of Industry 4.0, allow the rapid exchange between various types of milling heads to be realized.
  • According to the specifications of the machine tool, milling heads are divided into medium and large, and can meet the needs of small as well as large machine tools.
  • The minimum segmentation angle of A/C axis is 1 degree, for highly reliable stability.

Technical Advantages

  1. Technical Service
    Maintech has the ability to design machine tools + two-axis spindle heads. If a manufacturer only produces a single milling head, when the milling head is installed on the machine tool, there will be a precision error after the machine tool and milling head are matched. By designing machine tools with two-axis spindle heads, Maintech can avoid this problem, and provide professional and fast technical services to assist customers in troubleshooting.
  2. Quality Assurance
    All parts inside the milling head are measured in the factory to ensure the accuracy of the processed parts. Rotation speed and movement flow are completely verified for accuracy before the product is shipped.


  1. Mechanical Milling Head
    For high torque heavy cutting of difficult-to-cut materials.

    It can reduce the need for repeated clamping of the workpiece, improving machining accuracy and efficiency. It is mainly used for Machining Centers and five-sided machining with gantry milling machines.

    Applications Areas:

    • Wind power and hydropower industries
    • Rough processing of aerospace industry processes
    • Automotive industry
  2. Electric Spindle + Direct Drive Motor
    For high speed and high precision cutting.

    The built-in electric spindle + direct drive DD motor is suitable for surface processing and high-precision processing required for finely finished surfaces.
    Applied for low and medium load fly-cutting of aluminum alloy and composites.

    Application Areas:

    • Processing machinery for electronic products
    • Aerospace components
    • Aerospace blade and vane processing 
    • Precision molds

Maintech Precision is a specialist in the field of complex spindle head for high-end CNC machine focusing exclusively on the manufacturing of high-end spindle heads. We are sure we can definitely to fit your needs.

Smart Factory Solutions for Metal Manufacturing

Innovation, Technology, Science and Customization

Established in 2013, Da Shiang Automation (DSA) is located in Guishan Industrial Park, Taoyuan, Taiwan. With the business philosophy of maintaining an Innovative, Technical, and Scientific Spirit to service our customers, DSA continues to grow.

As a highly skilled system integrator in automation, with software and hardware technical skills, DSA has more than 10 years of experiences in Investment Casting, Sand Casting, Die Casting and Machine Tending…etc. Below are 6 major services we provide:


DSA provides turnkey solutions for casting automation, and is fully experienced in investment casting, sand casting, and die casting processes. Also, we offer complete hardware & software integration solutions for the setting up of a smart factory.

  1.  Automatic Solutions for Investment Casting Processes
    Through the automated system integration of wax mold, shell mold, and casting processes, using robots to replace manual work in high-risk operating environments, we help improve production quality. Features of various systems include:
    • Wax Mold Process Automation 
      Fully automatic production, from wax molding process to wax tree assembly, can save manpower and improve production efficiency.
    • Shell Mold Process Automation
      • The system identifies the state of the shell mold through RFID and automatically integrates the dipping, coating, and drying processes.
      • The AI management system offers automatic parameter settings for shell mold processes.
      • The vertical conveyor drying room, with flexible production, can optimize the procedure of drying and save space.
      • The shell mold can be dried faster and maintain better quality by the design of the wind field.
    • Infrared Shell Mold Rapid Production System
      • The modular and parametric design can be used for various products.
      • It takes 50 hours to dry shell molds using traditional processes; however, it only takes 6 hours to complete drying with this system.
      • Compared to other traditional shell mold processes, it gives better quality.
      • Size, weight, and quality are standardized and stable.
  2. Automatic Solutions for Sand Casting Processes

    Provide the complete sand-casting automation process can contain the following: cold-core coating, laser marking, dispensing & molding assembly, screwing, handling system for sand casting.
  3. Automatic Solutions for Die Casting Processes
    Labor in high-risk environments can be replaced by integrating several die-casting processes with robots.


DSA also provides turnkey solutions for post-treatment of machining & casting, and is fully experienced in deburring, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, and cutting.

  1. Robotic Deburring, Grinding & Robotic Cutting Systems 
    • Deburring & polishing for grinding gate, runner, parting line & weld bead.
    • Increasing productivity and safety, and saving labor.
  2. Robotic Sandblasting Systems
    • Robotics, integrated with sandblasting systems, enhance quality and save labor. A second robot can also be integrated for loading/unloading, increasing automation of production.


DSA is fully experienced, and provides a third turnkey solution for machining automation.

  1. CNC Machine Tending System
  2. Machine Tending Systems with Linear Units
    • Enhance productivity by automation.
    • Automate design for turnkey projects.
    • Give a wide working range with external axis.
    • Provide appropriate automation solutions.
    • Approach real-time monitor and equipment status analysis by adding a DSA SCADA SMB system.
    • Introduce automatic production scheduling to achieve the best production efficiency.
  3. Gantry Robots
    Customized X, Y, Z axis work range.
  4. End of Line Machine Automation
    Integrating after-machining processes, such as deburring, measurement, leak detection, cleaning, assembly, and laser marking. Integrating the vision system to reduce fixture using and increase production flexibility.
  5. CMM Machine Tending Automation Systems
    Flexible pallets with RFID, barcode or vision systems can be applied in mixed lines. PLC system controls the CMM to achieve measurement automatically.