HONOR SEIKI / 09. 26. 2022
The wind turbines have grown in size in both height and blade lengths and generate more energy. The casting workpiece processing is a challenge for the maker to handle the production. Honor PL-600CM Intelligent Vertical Turning Center is the high-rigid vertical lathe based on the gantry-type with a Y-axis mechanism, and collects multi-functions that can cover the processing requirements by the vertical lathe, the gantry-type machine, and even the horizontal machining center at the same time to achieve done in 1 requirement. ● Champion of Taiwan - 6-meter table turning center - Extremely outstanding wind power solution - Digital-twin technology applied More efficient, better quality, this is HONOR SEIKI delivers our solutions.
HONOR SEIKI / 08. 22. 2022
VL-100CA is aiming to solve the pain points of aerospace manufacturing, like chip breaking, workpiece deformation, and high blade wear to maximize productivity. Let's find out How do we achieve it?
HONOR SEIKI / 11. 19. 2021
Industry Solution for Railway Industry HONOR SEIKI Train Wheel Processing Machines provide diverse solutions with varying manufacturing and processing needs, including Single machine intellectualization to Production line intellectualization, and online self-measurement systems. For more information, please contact: honor@honorseiki.com #Honorseiki #Railwayindustry #Trainwheel #Industrysolution #Totalsolution
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