HONOR SEIKI / 11. 10. 2021

Solutions of Rail Transit and High-Speed Railways Wheel Processing

Rail transit and high-speed railways are a part of our daily lives, and travel safety is HONOR SEIKI CO., LTD.’s first priority. Various forms of rail transportation all have different requirements for the parts machining of their equipment. For example: Train locomotives, passenger trains, and cargo trains... etc.

HONOR SEIKI CO., LTD. Train Wheel Processing Machines can provide diverse solutions for Tier1 - Tier3 customers with varying manufacturing and processing needs, including Single machine intellectualization to Production line intellectualization, and online self-measurement systems.

New wheel production, including locomotive wheels, passenger wheels, and freight train wheels.

The innovative design of the HONOR SEIKI VL-160C-2R, dual-ram vertical turning center for train wheels, can increase processing efficiency by 40% and save 30% on the overall cost for customers.

How Did We Achieve It?

The VL-160C-2R is equipped with HONOR SEIKI’s patented clamping system, Solid Lock that can provide a clamping force of up to 10 tons, allowing for heavy cutting, with reduced tool vibration and increased tool life. Dual-ram, simultaneous machining, effectively shortens processing times by 50%. A special chuck supports flexible production of over 50 types of wheelsets which is a significant savings in the frequency of changing fixtures, and makes clamping extremely stable.

Through intelligent machine planning, HONOR SEIKI’s professional design team develops distinct, powerful VTL that offer turnkey solutions to effectively increase machining efficiency. Processing that originally required 232 minutes to complete one wheel, can now be completed in 132 minutes; a 40% increase in efficiency.

For Repairing or Aftermarket Wheel, HONOR SEIKI Has the Total Solution

VL-125C is specially designed as an economical version of a single ram solution. The outstanding feature in processing train wheels is that the rough turning process is especially complemented by the HONOR SEIKI’s patented Solid Lock clamping system to deliver the maximum material removal rate.

Secondly, for center-hole processing, simultaneously utilizing double tool cutting achieves 10mm cutting depth on one side, helping customer save 30% on processing time.

The production efficiency of HONOR SEIKI’s special train wheel VTLs is more than 40% higher than other manufacturers. Their excellent precision and durability have made them a favored choice of customers worldwide. BONATRANS, BOMBARDIER, Lucchini RS, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Taipei MRT and others, are all HONOR SEIKI customers.

We Are Honor

Vertical lathes and the best processing solutions for the railway industry, your first choice is HONOR SEIKI. We Are Honor.

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