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YIDA Overview Established in Taichung City, Taiwan in 2004, by Dr. Pu Hong-Yen, YIDA’s core business scope includes R&D and manufacturing of machine tools. YIDA is currently one of the few machine tool companies in Taiwan with product lines covering horizontal lathes, vertical machining centers and horizontal machining centers. Adopting customer-oriented service principle and strategy, YIDA is well-known for the ability to come up with automation solutions and customized machine tools that best satisfy its customers’ needs. YIDA-made machine tools serve a global customer base that is large and diverse and includes a wide range of applications. These products are used in a variety of end markets including aerospace, automotive, medical industries as well as job shops. YIDA provides strong technical support and instant communication to its agents across the world, making after-sales service as reliable as its machine tools. With the emerging trend of Smart Production, YIDA has integrated its decades of manufacturing and research expertise with latest technology. The company is currently developing Augmented reality (AR) in after-sales service, allowing timely problem-shooting to make repair and maintenance efficient. Another exciting feature YIDA is applying is Product Lifecycle Management system (PLM), PLM system can optimize the entire production process in real-time while increasing innovation and improving product viability. YIDA has never ceased to improve. In recent years, the Company has shifted its focus from machine tool manufacturing to providing automation and turnkey solutions. The customers’ production lines have been maximized by the automation solutions designed by YIDA without compromising quality. YIDA’s Path towards the Future YIDA will continue to seek technological breakthroughs and provide competitive products to its customers. Through its own R&D programs, YIDA has various technical exchanges with research agencies and universities to obtain its leading technology for current and future products. YIDA is prepared to strive, like the phoenix on its logo, ready to soar in the sky.
SIGMA Overview SIGMA CNC Technology Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and manufactures CNC machining centers, marketing world-wide under the "SIGMA CNC" brand name. "Expertise, Innovation, Performance" is the company's business philosophy. We strive to understand market needs, constantly seek innovation and change, and provide customers with high-quality services through effective partnerships. A.Expertise As a professional manufacturer of CNC machining centers, with many years of accumulated technological experience, we attach great importance to working closely with our client partners. By improving efficiency and maintaining superior craftsmanship, together we create high quality products. B.Innovation Our R&D team keeps pace with the times, focusing on improving manufacturing technologies, optimizing product performance and service, and creating high added value products for our customers. C.Performance We have strict and trustworthy quality control processes, and have obtained various international certifications. We continue to develop and master key technologies to solve our customers' challenges, and use “Smart Manufacturing” to provide the best solutions for customers. We continue to move forward, exploring the world, and creating infinite possibilities for the future. SIGMA CNC Products CNC Double Column Machining Centers CNC Double Column Machining Centers with Auto Attachment Head Change systems CNC 5-FACE Double Column Machining Centers CNC 5-AXIS Double Column Machining Centers CNC CROSSRAIL Double Column Machining Centers CNC Moving Column Horizontal Machining Centers CNC High Precision Grinding Machine (For Linear Guideways & Blocks) CNC Custom Machine
About HOSEA The high-precision CNC 5-Axis indexing table of HOSEA meets the most stringent standards in the European market. The products are widely used and favored in Europe, and are well-known by global machine tool manufacturers. The first indexing table supplier in Taiwan to obtain AS9100 aerospace-quality certification. 300+ CNC rotary table sets exported per year. The largest CNC 5-Axis rotary table supplier in Taiwan. Famous Germany’s machining company has designated HOSEA is one of its primary 5-Axis CNC machine ODM companies. This cooperation has lasted for more than 10 years. More than 52 years of experiences in CNC development & manufacturing. Multiple Transmission Mechanism Solution. AIoT CNC Cloud Intelligent Service. During machining operations, if any divergence occurs between worm gear and worm gear teeth, a sensor will send a signal to the cloud service indicating the problem. Both the client and the manufacturer will receive notification, allowing for immediate inspection and repair. Customized Product Design For machining conditions involving high load, high rigidity, and high speed, or requiring high precision, fine tolerances or hydrostatic rotary tables, HOSEA provides customized products for complete solutions. Machining Center Series Universal Machining Center WFCH-650D Vertical Machining Center WMH-320 Horizontal Machining Center APC-C400 Rotary Table Grinder Machine HPH-1000D Gantry Type Machines WMH-1500 Boring Machines WMH-800S
Gear Cutting Tools and CNC Gear Grinding Machines Matrix Precision Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, with gear transmissions and precision machinery as its core technologies. Incorporating precise mathematical models and exclusively designed software, Matrix designs and manufactures state of the art, Gear Cutting Tools and CNC Gear Grinding Machines. MATRIX Taiwan Joins British MATRIX After Matrix joined the HIWIN Group in 2015, HIWIN transitioned from focusing on transmission components and robotics, to the production of gear cutters and process machine tools. In 2017, MATRIX, along with a well-known, century-old, British thread grinder manufacturer, also named MATRIX, agreed to collaborate under the same trademark to design and develop grinding machines. The MATRIX brand was established in Madeley Shropshire, UK 300 years ago, and was originally known for producing high-precision measuring gauges for the global engineering industry. With the founding of Coventry Gauge & Tool Co. Ltd. in 1913, it became the largest factory in the UK at that time. From 1913 to 1934, MATRIX successfully designed and manufactured high-precision internal thread grinders, external thread grinders, and gear grinders. Since then, it has occupied a leading global position in the field of grinding machines, and has built a mass production facility for grinding machines in Fletchamstead, Coventry, UK. The British Royal Family has repeatedly commended MATRIX, allowing the world to see British industrial technology and process quality standards. In 1940, MATRIX's gear grinder was born. Since then, the MATRIX brand has expanded into a full range of high-precision products such as precision grinding equipment and measuring gauges; fixtures for aerospace, automobiles, and trucks; and construction machinery.HIWIN group being the second largest ball screw products manufacturer, the vital competence comes from the innovative technology of Matrix. Visions Into the 21st Century Since entering the 21st century, research and development at MATRIX has a taken on a new direction. Since 2017, British MATRIX has been introducing new, high-end technology to Taiwan's MATRIX Precision Co., Ltd., giving Taiwan MATRIX new direction in its gear grinding machine tool production. Craftsmanship and Technology MATRIX advocates the excellence of leading-edge craftsmanship and technology. It embraces the diversity of countries, races, languages, and different user habits. Through the accumulation of shared experience, it improves the stability, reliability, high precision, and excellence of grinding machines and service quality. MATRIX provides for the planning and development of innovative machines with intelligent automation to meet diverse customer needs. MATRIX, is your expert in gear cutting tools and CNC gear grinding machines. Let our full range of services create the highest added value for you.
Taiwan Chip Conveyors Solutions Have you ever met that supplier who cannot provide immediate after-sales service when the chip conveyor fails? Are you seeking a tailor-made chip conveyor that meets your machine’s needs? Or do you want to find a right chip conveyor manufacturer that can supply high quality and punctual delivery products? Worry no more, just ask Ring Sun Machinery Co. Ltd.! Established in 1984, Ring Sun Machinery is the home of chip conveyor experts. With more than 30 years of experiences and technical know-how in the field, Ring Sun has become a leading chip conveyor manufacturer in Taiwan. Ring Sun specializes in providing customized chip conveyors for a variety of applications. Our product line includes: Screw Type Conveyors Belt Type Chip Conveyors Precision Belt Type Chip Conveyors Scraper Type Chip Conveyors Precision Scraper Type Chip Conveyors Magnetic Scraper Type Chip Conveyors Magnetic Chip Conveyors Combination Screening Conveyors Belt & Drum Type Chip Conveyors Work-Piece Cleaners Surface Conveyors Caterpillar Type Chip Conveyors Agricultural Harvesting Conveyors In 2014, Ring Sun Machinery began focusing on the design and development of central automation for chip conveyors and metal handling systems. Our experienced R&D team can quickly solve any conveyor functionality problems or technical issues, ensuring that the finished product is always running efficiently. As a professional chip conveyor manufacturer, we have always strived to develop long-term relationships with our customers, and this is why our expert, customer service team will continuously assist with any problems customers may have, from pre-sale assistances to post-sale services.
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