MATRIX / 11. 09. 2021

Matrix Precision Co., Ltd. - Excellent Precision, Smart Future

Gear Cutting Tools and CNC Gear Grinding Machines

Matrix Precision Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, with gear transmissions and precision machinery as its core technologies. Incorporating precise mathematical models and exclusively designed software, Matrix designs and manufactures state of the art, Gear Cutting Tools and CNC Gear Grinding Machines.

MATRIX Taiwan Joins British MATRIX

After Matrix joined the HIWIN Group in 2015, HIWIN transitioned from focusing on transmission components and robotics, to the production of gear cutters and process machine tools. In 2017, MATRIX, along with a well-known, century-old, British thread grinder manufacturer, also named MATRIX, agreed to collaborate under the same trademark to design and develop grinding machines. The MATRIX brand was established in Madeley Shropshire, UK 300 years ago, and was originally known for producing high-precision measuring gauges for the global engineering industry. With the founding of Coventry Gauge & Tool Co. Ltd. in 1913, it became the largest factory in the UK at that time.

From 1913 to 1934, MATRIX successfully designed and manufactured high-precision internal thread grinders, external thread grinders, and gear grinders. Since then, it has occupied a leading global position in the field of grinding machines, and has built a mass production facility for grinding machines in Fletchamstead, Coventry, UK. The British Royal Family has repeatedly commended MATRIX, allowing the world to see British industrial technology and process quality standards.

In 1940, MATRIX's gear grinder was born. Since then, the MATRIX brand has expanded into a full range of high-precision products such as precision grinding equipment and measuring gauges; fixtures for aerospace, automobiles, and trucks; and construction machinery.

HIWIN group being the second largest ball screw products manufacturer, the vital competence comes from the innovative technology of Matrix.

Visions Into the 21st Century

Since entering the 21st century, research and development at MATRIX has a taken on a new direction. Since 2017, British MATRIX has been introducing new, high-end technology to Taiwan's MATRIX Precision Co., Ltd., giving Taiwan MATRIX new direction in its gear grinding machine tool production.