YI CHANG / 11. 04. 2021

Drilling and Tapping Machine-Specialized Manufacturer:Made In Taiwan

Taiwan Machine Solution, Yi Chang Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yi Chang Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Dali District of Taichung City, Taiwan, produces Horng Dar brand drilling machines and tapping machines. Since its establishment 30 years ago, in 1984, Yi Chang has been committed to providing customers with a more convenient and fast operating experience in the field of drilling and tapping.

Yi Chang is committed to assuring that all its products meet the four important characteristics of: high precision, low price, easy operation, and great flexibility. They are widely used in the manufacturing of hand tools, auto parts, sewing parts, electronic products, etc.; Yi Chang creates amazing economic value for all its customers which can be found spread across five continents.

Features of Yi Chang Drilling Machines and Tapping Machines

1. From manual feed, and gear type automatic feed, to Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and even customized servo models, all product lines are diverse and complete.

2. Many models and series have both Taiwan and Mainland China patents.

3. Feeding is always stable, even in high-speed processes, ensuring excellent work quality.

4. Even when boring deep holes, chips can be removed indefinitely, and drill bits are not easily twisted off.

5. After chip removal, the drill head is quickly returned to its original position, greatly decreasing work time and increasing production.

6. Two-stage rapid feed can be programed to adapt for hollow materials, improving work efficiency.

7. Many models and series have “fixed-point delay retraction” or “servo control,” to drill to a precise depth.

8. Configurable foot controls provide users with various control options.

9. All products are 100% “Made in Taiwan.”

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