YIDA PRECISION / 05. 03. 2024
MT-210 maintains the multi-axis advantage, making it easy to process all six-side of a part. Best of all, Yida's made it compact this time!
YIDA PRECISION / 05. 15. 2023
Finally, the long-awaited MT-900 cutting video is here! ​ The MT-900's multi-axis machining flexibility allows for six-sided machining to be completed in one setup, demonstrating high speed, high precision, and high rigidity firsthand! ​ Yida Precision Machinery provides two types of MT-900 controllers for you to choose from: the Mitsubishi M80A and the touch-screen 3D Duet controller that can directly convert CAM software commands into G-Code. It is worth mentioning that the MT-900 uses Harmonic Gears in both the B-axis and the left/right turrets, which greatly reduces the space used and the weight of the components. ​ Want to learn more? Contact us now!
YIDA PRECISION / 10. 20. 2022
See how YidaCNC has made our machines smart. With this Key Parts Monitoring System, our users can keep track on the spindle, turret, chip conveyor, electrical cabinet and ball screw. It's user-friendly and efficiency-boosting. No more unexpected downtime!
YIDA PRECISION / 05. 20. 2022
# The Three Biggest Misconceptions about Automated Production Lines - High Cost - Difficulties in Quality - Implementation Challenges You need not worry. Our customers recover their investment costs within three years. You can guarantee production quality with the Laser Measuring System and the Auto Offset Compensation System. You can count on Yida's expertise. We'll thoroughly analyze and evaluate your case and design an automated production line tailored to your needs.
YIDA PRECISION / 04. 06. 2022

Check out Yida's economical VMC!
EV-860's impressive high speed and light cutting performance satisfy your machining needs!
It's definitely a bargain you don't want to miss!

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YIDA PRECISION / 03. 31. 2022
YIDA PRECISION / 03. 31. 2022
YIDA PRECISION / 01. 12. 2022
Yida MV-500
5-axis Simultaneous Machining
Complex Workpiece Machining with One Setup
Production Time Shortened
Production Efficiency Elevated
YIDA PRECISION / 12. 17. 2021
YIDA PRECISION / 11. 26. 2021
CNC Machine | Automation | YIDA CNC 2020 Spring Campaign
YIDA PRECISION / 11. 16. 2021
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