YIDA PRECISION / 04. 22. 2022

Green Machinery

In order to move towards a low-carbon economy and achieve the goal of sustainable development, green machinery has become the trend in machine tool industry. Yida continues to reduce carbon emissions during production and providing environmentally friendly accessories for our customers.

  1. Intelligent Ball Screw

We worked with a top ball screw manufacturer in Taiwan. Through months and months of testing, we imported the research data collected by the intelligent ball screw and developed it a customized data model for our machine. No only does it benefit our future development of smart machinery, but also brings many substantial advantages for our users.

The Intelligent Ball Screw has four impressive features:

  1.  Life Prediction: It reminds the customer of machine maintenance through indicators to reduce machine downtime and maintain production capacity.
  2. Thermal Diagnosis: A thermal alarm monitors the ball screw working temperature and record abnormal temperatures relative to historical data.
  3. Vibration Diagnosis: An abnormal vibration alarm monitors the ball screw health status and records abnormal data generated in operation.
  4. Smart Lubrication: It features variable frequency lubrication to optimize consumption of lubricant and create eco-friendly, and energy saving working environment. Users can save up to 140 liters of lubricant and reduce about 80 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

Fanuc controller: Energy Saving Level Selecting Function

This function not only collects diagnosis data of accumulated power consumption in servo axes, spindle axes, and peripheral devices but also the accumulated reduction of power consumption. Moreover, suppressing spindle torque at acceleration/deceleration, where there is large power consumption, can reduce whole power consumption of a machine though machining time gets longer as a trade off.

Oil/Energy Saving System

By adopting the accumulator, the motor does not need to run at all time. When the accumulating pressure is reduced to a certain value, the motor drives the accumulating pressure again.

  1. By adopting intermittent periodic operation (S3) and accumulator, the pump operation time is 20% less of the usual cycle time.
  2. Hydraulic tank volume is reduced from 60 liters to 15 liters. Energy saving is about 30% with relatively low oil temperature and stable oil pressure.
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