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The high-precision CNC 5-Axis indexing table of HOSEA meets the most stringent standards in the European market. The products are widely used and favored in Europe, and are well-known by global machine tool manufacturers.

  • The first indexing table supplier in Taiwan to obtain AS9100 aerospace-quality certification.
  • 300+ CNC rotary table sets exported per year. The largest CNC 5-Axis rotary table supplier in Taiwan.
  • Famous Germany’s machining company has designated HOSEA is one of its primary 5-Axis CNC machine ODM companies. This cooperation has lasted for more than 10 years.
  • More than 52 years of experiences in CNC development & manufacturing.
  • Multiple Transmission Mechanism Solution.
  • AIoT CNC Cloud Intelligent Service.
  • During machining operations, if any divergence occurs between worm gear and worm gear teeth, a sensor will send a signal to the cloud service indicating the problem. Both the client and the manufacturer will receive notification, allowing for immediate inspection and repair.

  • Customized Product Design
  • For machining conditions involving high load, high rigidity, and high speed, or requiring high precision, fine tolerances or hydrostatic rotary tables, HOSEA provides customized products for complete solutions.

Machining Center Series

  • Universal Machining Center

  • WFCH-650D

  • Vertical Machining Center

  • WMH-320

  • Horizontal Machining Center

  • APC-C400

  • Rotary Table Grinder Machine

  • HPH-1000D

  • Gantry Type Machines

  • WMH-1500

  • Boring Machines

  • WMH-800S


HIWIN is the global leader for motion control and system technology. HIWIN’s headquarters is located in Taichung, Taiwan. HIWIN is the No.2 global manufacturer for ballscrews and linear guideways. HIWIN offers precision module products- Datorker Robot Gear Reducers, Torque Motor Rotary Tables, industrial robots and medical robots. HIWIN has 14 subsidiaries and more than 200 distributors globally, serving our customers in the 5G, semiconductor, medical, machine tool, automation, Electrical vehicles, and precision equipment industries.

Through assisting our customers with various automation processes, HIWIN understood that it was painful for a factory to have unexpected shutdowns. To avoid unexpected shutdowns, a manufacturer needs to maintain many spare parts in the warehouse, requiring a lot of labor and time for maintenance and inspection. These were painful points that manufacturers really wanted to resolve. Therefore, we studied customer’s concerns and demands regarding machine characteristics, user operation methods, industrial know how, environment requirements, user’s experience, and specific material selection. HIWIN is the first in the world to introduce the intelligent ballscrew: i4.0 BS.

The ballscrew is the key critical component of a machining tool, and the i4.0 BS is targeted for high-end machine tool applications. It helps machine tool customers and end users obtain predictive diagnoses and maintain high productivity through intelligent manufacturing. By installing HIWN i4.0 BS, customer’s machines can self-monitor their status and send important data to engineers or managers for efficient diagnosis and scheduling of maintenance, thus improving manufacturing quality and productivity.

HIWIN i4.0BS is the first intelligent ballscrew in the world with a sensor for predictive maintenance. The Hiwin intelligent ballscrew has 5 major functions which solve customer’s problems.

1. Life prediction.Detects ballscrew’s physical condition, preventing unexpected shutdown.

2. Smart lubrication.Detects ballscrew’s operating condition to optimize lubrication frequency and quantity, reducing oil consumption by 40% to 70%.

3. Vibration diagnosis.Allows traceability of the machine’s dynamic performance.

4. Thermal diagnosis.Detects thermal stability of the machine.

5. Remote monitoring.HIWIN intelligent ballscrews send information to the cloud. Users can access information and monitor machine status from a remote location through their mobile devices.

By monitoring the ballscrews’ operating condition, customers can plan predictive maintenance scheduling, maintain high productivity, and achieve intelligent and smart manufacturing. HIWIN i4.0 BS is the best partner for industry 4.0.

We'd like to share some great news with you today!

After nearly a year of hard work and cooperation with universities and pioneers across the industries, the "Fully Digitized Intelligent Multitasking Machining Center Development Project" led by Yida Precision Machinery has won the sponsorship funding by the Industrial Development Bureau. The project consists of innovation development in areas such as, AIOT, tool monitoring, information security, our PLM System, modular design and industry standards.

Special thanks to National Formosa University, National Taiwan University, Chunghwa Telecom, Lean Smart Automation System, Parkson Wu Industrial and Chi Liang for cooperating with us.

As Dr. Pu has stated in the meeting, "Sharing is the fastest way to learn, and it is also the core value of our Y Team." Let us look forward to the sparks created by the Y Team!
Yida appears in Smart Auto's cover story. In the interview, Dr. Pu talked about how digital transformation and intelligent cloud help manage data and bring efficiency to another level.
TANGRAM offers a customized energy demand and carbon inventory management solution for plant and equipment use
Now available on #TCloud.
Qualified micro, small and medium enterprises can enjoy a maximum subsidy of 30,000 points.
1. The APP and platform that can provide current status and historical records of current, voltage, power, virtual work, demand, PF, etc.
2. Predict future carbon emissions to help companies better set, adjust and achieve carbon emission targets.
3. Integrate with ERP system to calculate the total power consumption of production products.
Application steps:
Step1: Sign up for membership
Step2: Earn Points
Step3: Plan Selection
Step4: Pay
Seize the opportunity for the subsidy and take the first step towards net zero emissions!
Square ONE CNC Diagnostic Monitoring System assist you in upgrading your existing CNC machining field into an intelligent solution for Industry 4.0🙌

✨One-to-One frame edge box → Price is overwhelmingly better than the market edge box
✨Visualized website technology → No software installation, PC and cell phone can be connected at any time
✨Integrate CNC controller and sensor data at the same time → Multiple layers of complex data are clearly visible at a glance
✨Intelligent correction function → Replace the manual time check and intelligent adjustment
✨Machine record black box function → Abnormal machine failure record cannot be deleted
✨Program management and cutter management → Provide a variety of value-added basic management packages

Let's start playing Square ONE! 
Once the product is delivered to the customer, the dilemma of lack of information on equipment usage and maintenance immediately arises. The relevant maintenance information is only available at a fixed interval and cannot be adjusted with the customer's usage to inform the best maintenance schedule, leading to the question of whether it is an over-design.
Businesses, like consumers, want results instead of assets.
This is the time to change the way companies think about selling devices, with customer value demand as the ultimate core of transformation. By using AIoT modules, we can understand the context of customers' device usage and create new business opportunities for traditional sales model.
Let's start playing TANGRAM,
To get your device connected within 30 minutes and create new products with smart Internet of Things within 3 months.
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