MING YANG / 08. 22. 2022

How much profit can you achieve in one day?🤔🤔🤔

How many pieces can be done once in the machine?🤔🤔🤔
For machine users, it's a big issue when considering machine purchasing. In the first beginning, the cost of a multitasking machine is much higher than a CNC lathe or auto cam lathe.
If the standard of workpiece accuracy is high, the multitasking machine may not be the best answer. However, the multi-tasking machine will be the one if the requirement of product quantity and accuracy are both high.
Even if, the cost of a multi-tasking machine is the highest of these three types of machines. The double system can save half cycle time because of the double system simultaneously machining.
Nevertheless, it's not enough for Mylas.
We wish we can help our partner not only with machines but also with production processes. Our engineer team would support our customers to optimize the original machining process as possible as they can.
Why don't you try it now?
Send us your demand: Sales@mym.com.tw
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