COSEN / 09. 27. 2023

Smart Beam Line Structural Steel Fabrication

Cosen integrates the sensor data from the three major components of the structural steel fabrication line – bandsaw machine, drilling machine, and infeeding / outfeeding system. We upload this key data to Cosen remote service platform to achieve failure prediction and diversified production. Through algorithm, machine learning, and data collecting, we develop advanced applications including machine health assessment and self-adjustment mechanism to further upgrade this smart factory with maximum utilization.

Main Technical Features

²High-Standard CNC Controller

²Automatic Tool Changer

²Control Panel with 14” Colored Touchscreen

²SSS Control (Super Smooth Surface)

²3D Programming Software

²In-the-moment Prevention and Alarm Notification

²Program Customization Service

In addition, the machine's features can be presented through the MR experience - a spatial recognition (MR) method. Users can click on the interactive buttons and watch the explanations of each part, as well as the operation animation in an immersive way.


Please download the MAKAR app and open the project by clicking this link:


You can scan the QR-CODE above with your mobile phone to open the WEB AR version for browsing, Android is Google Chrome, and IOS is Safari.

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