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Sunmill - Your Best Partner in Machine Tool Production

About Sunmill

JEENXI Technology Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. S. C. Chen in 2000. Specializing in machine tools for R&D and production technology, our main products are high precision and quality 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers. The machining centers from Sunmill offer numerous customer-friendly features and comprehensive processing sizes to meet diversified customer’s needs. Customized specifications are also available.

We have helped many businesses to increase and optimize their production in diverse industries, such as in Aerospace, Military, Healthcare and Automobile Manufacturing. Our professional experiences and after-sale services have helped us to increase our global presence throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America, Oceania, Africa, and Taiwan. Sunmill can be seen in more and more cities around the world, and a high percentage of our customers return to place further orders.

Although we are not one of the largest machine tool brands in the world, over the past 21 years we have placed great importance on enterprise growth, quality control and market competition, and continue to do so. We look forward to making sure every penny of our customers' money is spent on worthwhile, quality products. Making our customers feel "worthy" is our ultimate goal, and we hope to extend every opportunity to work together into a long-term partnership. We hope we can one day be your best partner in your production.

Our Brand

Jeenxi Technology's Brand: Sunmill (Sun + Milling)

Brand meaning: The rising sun is a reflection of our enthusiasm, dedication, professionalism, solidarity, and readiness to take action. It expresses the image of a high-quality milling machine brand. Our marketing promotion is like the red dots on the LOGO. We hope the “Made in Taiwan” Sunmill brand will be sold all over the world and shine on the international stage. Extending our market worldwide, we strive to create profitable business relations, share glory, and grow together with our customers and manufacturing partners.

Sunmill sells machine tools to nearly 40 countries around the world, including Japan, Australia, Russia, China, Turkey, Italy, Thailand, India, Poland, Canada and much more. We cooperate with our partners to create strategic alliances in ODM and OEM.

Our main customers include manufacturers in industries such as: Aerospace, 3C Electronics, Medical Equipment Manufacturing, High Precision Die & Mold and Machinery Component Manufacturing, and Defense.

Our Products

Our latest 5-axis machining center UH-500, which won the 2019 Taiwan Excellence Silver Award, can be used in multi-processing applications. It is designed to solve workpiece-change problems and meet diversified and delicate process requirements.

The 5-axis processing machine is well adapted for the Aerospace, Military, Healthcare and Automobile Industries.

The UH-500 is primarily suitable for fine processing, as the UH-500 can perform diversified manufacturing processes on a complex workpiece without the need to reposition the workpiece. As the UH-500 enhances processing efficiency for complex workpieces, it will shorten production time, reduce manufacturing costs, and increase your market competitiveness.

  • B axis swivel head uses a high-precision, worm-wheel module design which is self-locking and has high rigidity. The minimum angle is 0.001°and max. swiveling range is ±120°.
  • C axis rotary table has a high-precision, worm-wheel design. It is available with DD direct drive and high-speed options.
  • UH-500 has a movable tool magazine with linear guideways and a hydraulic cylinder design to avoid interference with the spindle when the B axis swings.
  • Z axis precision ball-screw with coolant design reduces thermal expansion error.

Intelligent 4.0 ball-screw, (optional) incorporates a multifunction sensor to provide these advantages:

  • Vibration Diagnosis
  • Life Prediction
  • Smart Lubrication
  • Thermal Diagnosis

Built-in 21/25kw spindle motor, with multi-labyrinth design, effectively reduces the problem of cutting fluid, oil and air getting into the spindle.

Our multiple size, 3-axis machining centers are continually top sellers. Models such as the JHV-800 work well with the Fanuc M-10iA robot to achieve factory automation, thus reducing the manual operations required for production process. The high-precision and highly stable qualities of the robotic arm solve the problem of labor shortage and reduce production costs. They not only improve work efficiency and reduce the risk of human negligence, but also improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Depending on customers’ demand, we can organize one, two or three robots into an automatic production line, to increase efficiency, productivity and profits. Our technical team can greatly assist you with custom planning to achieve any requirement you have for your machining. We are committed to providing you with trustworthy quality and service, whether before, during or after the sale.

As the high precision and quality 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers, we believe we will fulfill your production needs.

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