live center, edge finder, Z preset gauge, endmill re-sharpening machine, drill re-sharpening machine
Product Description:
1. Φ10mm straight shank can be installed directly on milling chuck or drilling chuck (refer to Fig.1)
2. Press slightly on edge of sensor unit with hands to keep eccentricity at 0.5mm (refer to Fig.2)
3. Rotate with speed of 400-600 rpm
4. Make sensor unit contact to the end face of workpiece shown as Fig.2. Then, contact and move gradually, it is going to turn into Fig.3 and sensor unit keeps still. Furthermore, if fine feed is started, then sensor until will move according to a specific direction. The start point of this movement is the basis position to look for.
5. The position of end face of the workpiece is the coordinate position of sensor unit plus radius 5mm
6. Accuracy : 0.005mm

1. Do not use the bend part or to drag or pull with force.
2. Never let impurities or foreign things stain on the slide face.
3. While using, be sure the speed not over 600rpm.
4. Never apply it on machine of horizontal type
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