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Should you buy a new milling machine or a used one?

Many manufacturing organizations have struggled with the thought of purchasing new machinery or attempting to make the best selection for their business. If you wonder whether to buy a new CNC milling machine or a used one, you are at the right place. We will share some useful facts to clear out all the doubts you have in mind.


l   Cost

The cost is the most obvious consideration when deciding between new and secondhand. The cost of a used automobile vs. a new car is the first thing that comes to mind. Many decision-makers, on the other hand, do not consider anything other than the initial cost. A new mill, for example, may cost $90,000, but a lightly used mill with equal design and specs would cost just $70,000.


It may seem to be a simple option but examine the contrasts. To begin, a new mill will typically come with a one-year guarantee and a two-year warranty on the control. Most secondhand machines are available with no guarantee, and a warranty on a machine this cheap might be worth up to $3000. You will need to make sure that all major components of the machine, including milling heads are in proper working condition at the time of buying a one. Then you can save money in the long run.


l   Installation and delivery

Installation and training are two other hidden costs of old machinery. All installation methods are included and delivered by manufacturer qualified experts and engineers with most new machines. In addition, most new machines come with rigorous product training to guarantee correct usage, maintenance, and any activities the equipment is capable of. Depending on the quality of training and the size of the machine, these costs might reach $4000.


l   There’s nothing to inspect in new machines

A consumer should also have the used equipment examined when they arrive. This is something that the factory experts would conduct during the new machine's installation. On a fresh machine, however, nothing is supposed to go wrong. I've seen used equipment in a variety of situations. Some of my clients have purchased secondhand equipment that have been installed as if they were brand new. On the other side, I've seen equipment that required maintenance for thousands of dollars.


Shipping damage is among the worst things that can happen to a new or secondhand computer. Many electronics and delicate components are packed inside machines. A lengthy bumpy truck travel through a variety of conditions may have a significant impact on a machining center. The only consolation is that a new computer warranty would cover all of these issues. In most cases, freight insurance will not cover these potential machine damages.


l   Age of the milling machine

Finally, you should think about the age of the milling machine while making your selection. Do not ignore technological advancements over time, even though they're not immediately apparent. Some brands made significant advancements in its basic encoders, which make a significant impact in contouring and 3D work. Many energy-saving techniques are put into new machines that were not considered by older equipment.


Final words


If acquired wisely, old machines offer a lot of advantages. There are many fantastic firms out there, for example, that sell secondhand equipment after a full evaluation and, if required, repairs. Some even include a guarantee for a little cost, which you should consider purchasing.


Smaller start-up enterprises with some mechanical know-how may also benefit from used machinery since they carry a lesser financial risk. Though it is a good idea to leave the repair of milling heads and other parts to factory-trained professionals, certain simple modifications and fixes may be done at home for a fraction of the price. This perk may make a major impact in the beginning for small businesses.

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