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Gantry milling head IK-915RV
Product Description:
Features :
1. IK milling heads can be matched with milling machines of various brands. Please confirm the connection size before ordering and whether each size meets your needs.
2. Traditional gantry milling machine is used for mold making or metal heavy cutting .
3. The machine processing for travel is 600 mm. We also provide “No slide” format.
4. This product is used in Gantry (Plano) Milling Machine (vertical / horizontal).
5. It can be matched with angle head, which can complete more angle processing and improve processing efficiency
6. This product of standard motor is 15HP. We also offer 20HP for you to optional.
7. Offer pneumatic blade locking device, bearing guide screw for you to option.
8. If you need a more detailed information of the product, please email to us.
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